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The Hunger Van’s underlying mission is to provide the needy with a means and path to self-sufficiency. Hunger Van brings food and other essential items to the homeless on the streets and unites volunteers across religious, political and socio-economic boundaries. Its purpose is to engage communities and help promote a unanimous pledge to serve humanity.


Zamir Hassan’s Hunger Van project was created in the year 2011 under the branch of Muslims Against Hunger, a grassroots movement started in New Jersey. Today the Hunger Van project has evolved over the years to create a multi-communal group that transcends religious and social barriers. The many religious facets of Hunger Van (Christians, Hindus, Jews, Muslims, and others inclusive) come together as one voice to share their message that ‘Hunger has NO religion’ and every member of our society is important! To see the various groups in action, please click here.

Zamir’s goal is focused not only on delivering a delicious healthy meal to the needy, but also on engaging and getting people involved in the issue of hunger. He believes that the success of his organization depends on the volunteers and him being able to bring various faith groups and charities together.


Today the Hunger Van project is a proud participant of the United Nations Zero Hunger Challenge. And is focused on building a strong network of enthusiastic volunteers and donors.

Over the years Zamir has learned that he has never had to convince people to participate, people inherently want to do good and help out but they just don’t know how. Zamir provides them with the tools to do so and believes that, it is one of the main reasons for the success of the Hunger Van project. Today the Hunger Van project has over 3000 volunteers and is servicing 20 plus cities in the United States.

Zamir envisions and is working on expanding the Hunger Van project nationally and hopes to eventually create a Hunger Bus, which would act as a mobile resource and space for food, donated clothing, toiletries, etc.

His goal and plans for the future are big but his vision is simple: ‘work towards alleviating poverty and grow as a society through dialogue and understanding’.

 To hear more from our Board Members and Founder click here.


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