Why we serve?

Zamir“I realized that soup kitchens only help those who live near the soup kitchen. What about the people who live under the bridge, or at the train station? There are homeless people right in our backyard, who get nothing to eat. As a Muslim, I cannot go to bed if my neighbor is still hungry. This type of work is not just about feeding it is about engaging people to get involved in their communities.” Zamir Hassan, Founder of Hunger Van.


Patti“The problem of hungry children and hungry families in America, in my back yard, haunts me. Working    with the Hunger Van, I can deliver meals to the hungry and help raise awareness of hunger in America.  The growing number of inter-faith and inter-generational feeding programs created by the Hunger Van is a step towards solving this problem.” Patricia Vile, Board Member of Hunger Van.


SONY DSC “I saw the tremendous positive impact that the Hunger Van was having not only on the people who were being served but especially on those who were the volunteers.  How often do you see Christians, Muslims, and Jews working together with a unified single goal-to feed the hungry.” Herb Brenner, Board Member of Hunger Van. 

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