South Brunswick Residents Volunteer at Soup Kitchen

Residents Azra Baig and Nancy Asher-Shultz were just two of the volunteers from South Brunswick.

South Brunswick Residents Volunteer at Soup Kitchen

SOUTH BRUNSWICK, NJ – On the Friday before Christmas, Muslim and Jewish volunteers from South Brunswick Township and across Central New Jersey met at the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen to make meals for the homeless. South Brunswick Board of Education member Azra Baig and resident Nancy Asher-Shultz were just two of the volunteers from South Brunswick represented. for full article click here

Muslims And Jews Join Hands Together To Spread Holiday Spirit


In a united expression of the common moral imperative in Islam and Judaism to help the weakest and most vulnerable in society, Muslim and Jewish volunteers from across Central New Jersey will be gathering at the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen to prepare and serve 500 meals to hungry and homeless people in our backyard… [Read More]

Rutgers Pakistani Student Association hosts drive to address food insecurity


As of 2012, 1,151,890 New Jerseyans live in food-insecure homes, according to Rutgers Against Hunger. Under the Muslims Against Hunger project, Zamir Hassan, a volunteer, started the Hunger Van and sought to alleviate that hunger in the Garden State. “Meals for Hope,” hosted by the Pakistani Student Association (PSA), attracted more than 60 volunteers to the International Lounge of the Busch Student Center on Monday night to create the meals. The Alpha Phi Omega (APO) fraternity and Omega Phi Alpha (OPA) sorority brought craft supplies for volunteers to create cards to accompany the meals… [Read More]

Labeling Myself ‘Muslim’ For What It Really Matters


Wars, killing, genocide in the name of religion have never really been in our control, i.e. you and me, everyday individuals, who live our life in simple ways believing in love and respect for all, but what about things that are in our control? Things such as: Righteousness, Justice and Well-doing? “For religion standeth in righteousness, justice, and well-doing.” – Latimer (c. 1485-1555). I work as the National Program Director of a volunteer based non-profit called Hunger Van | Muslims Against Hunger, whose founder is Zamir Hassan. Zamir is retired but has been working tirelessly as champion for interfaith feeding events for the hungry and homeless for over 10 years now… [Read More]

Terrorists Want To Divide Us. This Muslim-Jewish Service Project Is Celebrating Unity Instead.


Zamir Hassan, founder of Muslims Against Hunger, was feeding homeless people in Boston’s central public park with a group of volunteers Saturday morning when he first learned of the attacks in Paris the previous night. As the group made their rounds, a homeless man asked one of the volunteers what church she belonged to. Upon learning that she was Muslim, the man asked if she had poisoned the food. Five minutes later, Hassan told The Huffington Post, another man bit into a hummus sandwich handed to him by a volunteer and said, “This is delicious!”… [Read More]

Bringing the soup kitchen to the hungry


In the Washington area, volunteers sign up online to prepare or deliver food. A “hunger van” brings food and utensils to four cooking locations and delivers the cooked meals. Sometimes the van screeches to an unplanned stop when its driver spots someone who appears to be homeless…[Read More]

 Zamir Hassan Presents “Action Against Hunger


Zamir Hassan, the founder of Muslims Against Hunger Project, was the speaker at PII Boston discussing hunger in America and more specifically hunger “in our own backyard.” The statistics are staggering – 49 million hungry in the U.S. and 700,000 in Massachusetts (out of a population of approximately 6.9 million). These numbers are used by the U.S. Department of Agriculture in determining dollars for Federal programs. The legal definition of hunger is when an individual or family does not know from where their next meal will come. This is also referred to as “food uncertainty”… [Read More]

Driving Against Hunger in South Brunswick

Local soccer players and parents gathered on Christmas Eve to spread holiday cheer to New Jersey’s homeless.


…Through Drive Against Hunger, founder Zamir Hassan takes food and clothing directly to the homeless by working with soup kitchens throughout New Jersey. He also distributes food and clothing to the needy in areas around Boston and Washington D.C…. [Read More]

Teaneck school organizes food drive, makes sandwiches


…Zamir Hassan of Muslims Against Hunger, a national network of volunteer communities that work to help the hungry and homeless, explained that the Hunger Van “brings the soup kitchen to you,” by bringing all the supplies for meals to the site, ready to be assembled. Volunteers, who raise money to pay for the supplies, make the meals and pack it on the van, which are then distributed to those in need…. [Read More]

North Jersey Muslims find Ramadan an inspiring time to help


…”It’s not just about the food, it’s about engaging the entire community,” said Hassan, national program director for the group. “We want to bring all faiths together with this group. Hunger has no religion.”… [Read More]

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