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“When I first met Zamir at a feeding project at Arab American Family Services (AAFS), and heard him speak about his mission in this world, I was impressed at the amount of information he has about the hunger and the homelessness that surrounds us, that we pass by and don’t know about.

I felt the urge to be a part of something great, something that could impact peoples’ lives positively, and that’s where my friend Falak Ghatala, came in and offered me the opportunity to do something good and feel good about myself.

I had the opportunity to go out and help package food, prepared in a way that could easily help The Hunger Van, distribute it to the needy and homeless people in our community.


What made it even better, the fact that, it was a collective effort from all religious faiths. There’s no difference between us when we are hungry, why would there be a difference when we help? (This particular feeding project was hosted at Beth Shalom)

I was so happy to be a part of a great initiative and hope that this would continue always and know that whatever good you do in this world, will some day come back to you… “Good things come to those who do good”.

So, please help keep this project going by supporting and donating your time and/or money to help feed the hungry”.

Thank you!

Guest blogger: Rima Najia.   3-12-2015


Rima Najia further participated in volunteering at the National Arab Service Day representing Arab American Family Services, where volunteers helped prepare a 1000 meals to feed the homeless in Chicago, IL.


To see more pictures from this event please click here.

About HUNGER VAN The Hunger Van was born in 2011 because Muslims Against Hunger founder Zamir Hassan, a practicing Muslim and resident of Bedminster, New Jersey decided that if hungry people such as the ones congregating around parks and train stations, could not come to the food, the food would come to them in vans, conveniently packaged and ready to eat. The cost of producing one hot meal is $6.07 and $4.85 for cold ones; and meals as well as events are donation-based. Sponsors are encouraged to raise funds for the feeding event. All of the food is vegan and can last for a long period of time without spoiling. for more information about Hunger Van project click here


IMG_2952The author of this blog, Falak Zaffer Ghatala, is the Program Director of Hunger Van | Muslims Against Hunger. She has a Masters in Chemical Biology but strongly believes in giving back to society. She teaches remedial English to non-native speakers/refugees/ex-convicts/adult learners who are looking to make a better life for themselves, and spends her free time studying religion. She runs a campaign called ‘The Do Good Campaign’ and her passion lies in doing good. She truly believes that: “Wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for a kindness.” Lucius Annaeus Seneca.

One comment on “Volunteering for Hunger Van

  1. joan cheever Reply

    Dear Hunger Van:

    My name is Joan Cheever and I am the founder of The Chow Train, a 501c3 nonprofit organization that, you might say, is your twin sister down here in San Antonio, Texas. I run “The Chow Train” which is very similar to Hunger Van — we believe in going to the people– those who are hungry and/or homeless to serve hot meals on the street and not having them come to a soup kitchen or fixed site.
    Our website is: http://www.chowtrain.org

    We were in the news last year, when the City of San Antonio issued a ticket (along with a $2,000 fine) saying that I was in violation of the law although they couldn’t cite exactly which law. Here’s a news article: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/acts-of-faith/wp/2015/04/20/what-happened-when-this-feisty-woman-got-fined-2000-for-feeding-the-homeless/

    Anyway, I am going to be in the NYC area on Sept. 29 and Sept. 30 and would love to meet ya’ll. Or if we can’t meet, I just wanted to reach out and make a connection.

    My cell phone is 210-471-1925 and my email is joan@chowtrain.org.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Many thanks,
    Joan Cheever
    Founder: The Chow Train

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